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That oh so lovely horn.

VEHICLE HORNS are an AUDIBLE WARNING DEVICE. Its PURPOSE is to WARN others of its PRESENCE or as an ALERT to navigational HAZARDS.  Trains, trucks, ships and autos are required by law in most countries to have one. Horns, as a warning device, have been used for hundreds of years. UNTIL NOW !!! Recently a diabetic woman blacked out just as she started her car in a mall parking lot. Her small child who was frantic started hitting the horn to get help. NOT ONE PERSON CAME TO THE AIDE OF THE CHILD AND HER MOTHER.. No one cared that the horn was honking.but after quite some time a passerby saw the hysterical child and called C.P.S.. The mother was rushed to the hospital and survived. i am curious as to  Who would ever approve the lovely car horn sounding remote vehicle lock/unlock as well as  the sound of many car alarms, so that now no one blinks an eye at hearing the sound of a vehicle horn.   A LITTLE COMMON SENSE WOULD BE GOOD.