what an outstanding idea!  Parental Control Software so that we can monitor how our minor children use their cell phones.

Unfortunately, this software, known more commonly as ‘Spyware’, is being used by every male or female adult that is INSECURE, MISTRUSTING, CONTROLLING, JEALOUS, and/or OBSESSIVE’ regarding their mates. (husband, wife, life partner, live-in partner, etc.!!!

I would like to go on record as saying that if you are monitoring your partner’s every move……, and you feel the need to know the whereabouts of he or she at all times………YOU NEED TO stop reading this, walk up to your partner and say goodbye!! Explain to him or her that you have shown them the utmost disrespect by invading their privacy in an unthinkable manner. Explain that I LOVE YOU were just words because your devious and deceitful actions prove that you are incapable of loving them, or anyone else for that…

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