A little about Me.

I am a country girl who also loves getting to wear my heels and dresses. I have three of the most beautiful girls, (which leads me to believe that it’s true that ‘the homeliest parents do make the best looking kids) My oldest daughter blessed me with three adorable granddaughters and one adorable grandson. To them I am Grami. But I only wear the title of Grami I don’t actually get to be one because they live two thousand miles away. I have always been referred to as bubbly, energetic, friendly and a people person but I prefer spending most of my time alone; I think I always have.

For my 8th birthday, my Gram, who called me her “brown-eyed beauty”, gave me two gifts. One was  Little Women by L.M. Alcott . T he second gift was a hot pink diary that locked. Receiving those two things, especially from my Gram, has always meant so much to me because after reading the story of Jo and her sisters I began to LOVE reading and I read every heart-felt book I could get my hands on. However, to this day Little Women is still my favorite novel! With the diary I discovered that writing  was something I really loved as well. I wrote short stories, I wrote about events in my life,  my dreams, hopes, and ideas. My journals were like having the most trustworthy friend you could tell anything .So no matter what was going on in my life, no matter where I live, what my age is or even how busy my life might be I will always write in my journals.

Blogging- when I discovered WordPress I was so excited because I thought this would be the perfect place for me to ‘write’  about things I would like to share . Either as a source for having my writing critiqued by others, or so that i might share interesting facts and data that I am certain others like me are not aware of. However,since  joining WP I have been inspired to do much more with my writing than originally intended . When i wrote DAD part 1 i was , in my mind, merely writing in my journal  and i was shocked, surprised and quite delighted at the positive response i received. It made me feel like i am truly a part of a wonderful community of bloggers, called WORDPRESS.  Thank you everyone.


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