they Talk the Talk but don’t Walk the Walk

Too many people spend so much time Talking about what we should do to *save the planet, *save the whales, *stop animal cruelty, *stop child abuse, *stop illegal immigration, etc., but they never actually Do anything that really makes a difference. They tend to enable the problem as opposed to fixing or ending it.

For example; instead of spending efforts to house all of the millions of abandoned dogs and cats, they should put a five-year ban on breeding. Those who violate this rule would be charged an enormous fine and possibly lose their pets.

Instead of trying to find new sources for fuel we should stop letting our members of congress and other wealthy people waste the fuel we have flying around on their private jets and cruising their yachts. And set a rule that no more than two cars per family is permitted.

we would not need new sources of power if every car dealership and department stores and shopping malls, etc. did not need to use overkill when it comes to lighting. It is an enormous waste.

Everyone is yelling save the  trees, don’t use plastic, go green!! Yet it’s our lawmakers and the big corporations that produce the products that are most harmful to our environment. The plastic and batteries used to make tech products. The tons of plastic used everyday for packaging at the warehouses that supply big businesses. And the stacks of paper that our govt. offices use to print useless information, are all beyond ridiculous and unnecessary If you have been to any govt. ran office or even a hospital lately you know what i mean by the stack of unnecessary paperwork they hand you on your way out the door.

If you want child abuse, domestic abuse and animal abuse to stop then make the punishment so severe that fear keeps people from becoming abusers. OR let the punishment fit the crime!!! that would definitely make people think twice. But slapping them on the hand or sending them to jail to hang with their buddies is not the answer And stop taking kids away from their parents and giving them to their grandparents. How stupid is that?? You are giving them to the people who raised the abusers in the first place



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