there once was ….

I once read about this man who was employed by a small company that was owned by a group of people. The man assured them that he could make their lives better with just a little more money. The group believed in the man and the promises he made so they each began giving him money. Everyday he came, asking for more money, assuring them that he was working very hard for their needs. He said Trust me, everything i do is all for you.. Eventually the man became quite wealthy (from the $ the people gave him) . Now, the people who hired him were barely making ends meet. They drove cars that barely ran and even rode busses, He drove fancy cars and rode in limo’s . He still asked for money and they still gave it to him. The only vacation the people had known was camping for a weekend at the local lake, He owned several large vacation homes. yet he still took and they still gave.  He dined with his family at the finest of restaraunts but the people barely kept food on the table.  What kind of a person would do that ?  He made promises he never intended to keep, he used their money to gain personal wealth and continued to do so for many years to come. How would you describe this person.?  Kind hearted, sincere, honest, loyal, trustworthy??? Or do the words Selfish, liar, greedy, cold, dishonest, a bullshitter, maybe even manipulative come to mind?   this person has a title a name that says it all- HE is the politician. He is every member of congress, the white house, the senate, mayors, etc. etc.


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