And the Nominees are…

For those of you who still actually believe that your vote counts and that it doesn’t just fade off into thin air;  I need to ask you one thing…Who nominated these so called Presidential Candidates? YOU??  I know I didn’t, nor did anyone I know, or even anyone they know. Whovever it was though must have quite the sense of humor. I really that the President does not actually run the country and that those who do (Congress and other extremely wealthy), merely need a warm body to attach their puppet strings to. But did they have to give us two of the most laughable choices to choose from?? America is already seen as the most ridiculously ran nation there is. Who else would pay to bring people from other countries into to their country then GIVE them millions if not billions of dollars in grant money to buy out American owned businesses such as hotels and  food mart/gas stations?? And who else would set a fine of $50 for those who enter our country illegally, yet, offers to provide ALL food, clothing, housing, education, legal fees and court costs for those same people?  A merica is the only country to give preferrential treatment to those “law-abiding” people who have entered the country illegally. Of course other countries think we are a joke and now we have the Presidential nominees to prove it.


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