Blame the Republicans! Blame the Democrats! Blame the Presidents!

I hear people saying all of the time that they blame the other party or one of the Presidents for the way things are for hardworking, taxpaying Americans.  But the ONLY one they can truly blame are themselves for allowing these things to happen. I am not into politics, and i do not understand what it means to be a democrat or a republican ; but i also don’t understand why ‘ it is OUR money but THEY get to spend it’? and  ‘why WE work for it yet THEY decide how to spend it’? ” WE”are the hard working true blue Americans who work a legitmate job who see the words gross and net on their pay stubs.  I’m boggled because if the person paying another persons wages is considered their employer, wouldn’t every person who’s wages we pay be our employee? Don’t the senators, mayors, congressmen and even the presidents work for US?  if so then why do THEY make all the decisions?  Why do THEY tell US what to do and how to do it?  Why is it that WE pay senators more than $200,000.00 a year  which would take most of us five years to make,  and we work more in a month then they do all year?  Do you ever stop to think about how much money we actually hand over to our politicians every minute of everyday?  Let’s say it’s your payday, so you get your check. you earned $2000  but THEY took 500 of it. Then you fill your gas tank up , you are paying tax per gallon on that. you buy a few items from the market and are taxed on that. you pay mortgage , insurance, utilities, and each include taxes. Your registration is due and you pay taxes on that. You by a new toothbrush, rent a car or water your lawn, you pay taxes on that.  But how else can THEY afford to maintain their jets and vacation homes and lavish lifestyles right?I definetely don’t understand why THEY get to make EVERYTHING benefit them ? If everyo ne would stop blaming others WE could solve alot of OUR problems. Not world issues I mean the stuff you and I  deal with everyday. But what do i know ? I’m just a HICK CHICK



A little GIRL who dreamed of someday graduating from a college university, had a less than perfect childhood, and began supporting herself at age 16.  SHE graduated a year early from high school, with honors, so at age 17  SHE was a  F/T employee and a  F/T college student.  At 18,after hearing that HER older sister was not going to complete the  last 3 months of business college due to no childcare, SHE left school and HER job to go help HER sister 2000 miles away. Six months later SHE returned and went back to work and school,  both full time.  Not long after that HER grandfather became ill. So, once again SHE put HER life and HER dreams on hold to leave the state. Once he was back on his feet SHE  returned to HER life of  school  and work. However, this time SHE also had the responsibility of caring for and supporting HER sister who was ten years younger.  SHE made sure that HER little sister needed for nothing .Even if that meant cutting back on HER classes/credits. WELL it is now ten years later and the little GIRL with the dream has NEVER given up. SHE still strives every day to succeed in reaching that goal.  HER gpa has always been 4.0.  SHE is a role model for  little girls around the world. by always conducting HERSELF as a lady, having the highest of morals, and always striving to do HER best; no matter what the task might be . SHE is described by all, as the most beautiful person inside and out, the most altruistic, benevolent, sincerely kind person you will ever know.  Yet in spite of all this, she may not fulfill  her dream because of the enormous cost in calif. to attend a university.  IF you are NOT a minority, IF you are NOT getting welfare, IF you do NOT have children out of wedlock and IF you work hard enough to get paid more than minimum wage, THEN YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN TO PAY FOR COLLEGE!!  It is  SAD AND DISAPPOINTING  that millionaires will help a reformed prisoner or a junkie in rehab go to college but not someone as outstanding as this young lady.    IT JUST MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL