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We think of a homeless person as those grungy people sitting out on the side of the streets holding up signs or begging in front of a store or walking down the road carrying on a conversation with imaginary people. That is the image that comes to mind for most of us. But these people are Vagrants/Drifters. Some are the mentally ill that our politicians kicked out in to the world when they closed the doors on all the institutions. But most are those who have chosen not to have a job or a roof over their heads..

A “homeless” person does not sit on the side of the road with a sign, they do not beg, nor ask for hand-outs. A homeless person is embarrassed by their situation and would never advertise it. A homeless person is someone who has been removed from their home for whatever reason. It could have been a divorce, loss of a job, a fire, a shady landlord, or a ruthless realtor. Or they could have lost their home because they were swindled out of it by people who used the death of a child to instigate getting what they wanted.

A homeless person has pride, They are good hard working people that feel shame and humiliation for allowing themselves to end up in the situation they are in; but they strive every minute of every day hoping, dreaming, and working towards one again being able to hold their heads up and have a place to call home.